The last week we learned about how there were animals with different eyes than ours, or even how there’s animals that live with no eyes!

Even if humans have two eyes, there’s many people who can’t use them. Today we learnt about how blind people live their daily life, thanks to cane, special trained dogs and the different tactile tiles you can spot while walking in the street.

For kids to know how blind people walk around, they wore a blindfold and used an umbrella or a broom as cane to guide their way around a table.

We ended up making pairs so they would also learn how to help guide someone around!

Lastly, we learnt about “Braille”; “Braille” is what blind people use to read, we can find it in the elevators for example!

Following a Braille alphabet chart, the kids wrote using buttons to emulate how braille writing is made and write a short message.

So we don’t forget, the class also received a sheet where they could write their names in braille using colors. Maybe in the future it comes in handy, who knows!

That was everything for today, i hope everyone is having a nice week.