For fun fun Friday we celebrated Hinamatsuri, and really looked into the tradition.

Hinamatsuri, or Doll’s Day, is a cherished Japanese tradition celebrated on March 3rd, where families come together to honor and wish for the prosperity of their daughters.

Central to this tradition are the emperor (Odairisama) and empress (Ohinasama) dolls displayed on a tiered platform. These ornate dolls symbolize not just imperial grace but also carry the heartfelt hopes for the well-being and happiness of the family’s girls.

 Families arrange the dolls with precision and adorn the display with traditional accessories, something the students could look into and zoom into and use for their activity.

 Today’s activity was a beautiful blend of cultural significance, artistic expression, and a deep-rooted desire for the flourishing futures of the young ones in the household.

Students zoomed into the details and tried capture the intricacies of the dolls. 

Enjoy your Hinamatsuri.