Today in our numbers lesson the students looked the numbers of people all over the world. It is estimated that there are about 8,100,000,000 people in this world.



To make it easier for the students to understand this concept we turned that 8 billion people into just 100 or a 50 people.

This helped them understand how many people would be what in this term. We marked the amount of people on the map.



For example, if there were 100 people in the world, 50 would boys and 50 would be girls. They did this by using 50 red pencils and 50 blue pencils. Next only some of them would have homes. This was represented by boxes or circles. Other things would be limbs for adults and non for children. They also drew toilets for the few in this world who have and who haven’t.



We even filled out maps about the people of the world. This really was a tough lesson to understand, just thinking of all the diverse people and varieties of life around the world. The kids tried their best to be apart of that 8,100,000,000 people.



The most important thing we learned was that we are all apart of this world sharing one home. We need to be better and nicer to one another.


1/8,100,000,000 person in the world.


Happy Valentines Day Jake