G’day, mates! 🇦🇺✨

Guess what made this Australia Day extra-special at our school? A ripper birthday party that was a true Aussie bash! From koala masks to kangaroo races, we had a bonza time celebrating down under style.



Our day kicked off with a crafty twist as we channeled our inner marsupials and made adorable koala masks.



We started our games with a Cockatoo egg spoon race. We raced around the track with eggs in our spoons, we tried to be very careful.



But the fun didn’t stop there! We dived into some classic Aussie games that had us giggling and cheering all the way. First up, we tested our precision with the “Thong Toss” – not the kind you wear on your feet, but the Aussie version that involves tossing flip-flops (thongs) toward a target. The laughter echoed as we tried our best to hit the bullseye with our thongs.



Who could forget the “Sleeping Kangaroo Guess Who Woke Me” game? Picture this – one brave friend plays the snoozing kangaroo while the rest of us take turns trying to guess who gently woke them up. The suspense was real, and the guessing games had us in stitches.






All in all, our Australia Day birthday party was a fair dinkum success. From crafting koala masks to bouncing like kangaroos, we celebrated the land down under in true Aussie fashion. It was a day filled with laughter, games, and a whole lot of Aussie spirit – a birthday bash we’ll remember for yonks!


Kangaroo Jake