In our imaginative art class at Shimotakaido, students immersed themselves in a world of creativity armed only with paper, pencils, and colored pencils.


Their mission? To bring their shoes to life through drawing and coloring.

Armed with a sheet of drawing paper, they carefully traced the contours of their beloved kicks, paying attention to every nuance.



Length and shape steal the spotlight, and as lines deepen, so does the connection to their shoe masterpieces.

Color pencils stepped onto the scene, injecting bursts of personality that make their shoes dance off the paper.



It’s not just about sketching; it’s a visual tale of the unique relationship between students and their cherished footwear.

This artistic venture goes beyond aesthetics.



It’s a playful and straightforward way for students to narrate the tales of their journeys, one step at a time, and reminisce about the memories tucked away in their shoes. So, let’s revel in the imaginative spirit that arises when pencils meet paper, celebrating the distinctive bond that ties students to their shoes.



Stepping away for now.