Happy New Year and welcome back to school. To celebrate we played Fukuwarai and Hanetsuki on fun fun friday.




Fukuwarai is a traditional Japanese game played during the New Year’s celebrations. The name “Fukuwarai” can be translated as “Lucky Laugh,” and the game involves creating a face on a blank face template. The template is divided into sections for the eyes, nose, and mouth. The students were blindfolded while placing these facial features in their designated areas on the table. The resulting faces were amusing and brought laughter to the students.



The next game we played was Hanetsuki. Hanetsuki is a traditional Japanese game similar to badminton but played without a net. Instead of a shuttlecock, a wooden paddle called a “hagoita” is used to hit a lightweight shuttle but the students made their own out of card board today. Hanetsuki is often played during the New Year’s season, and it’s associated with the wish for good health and prosperity.


To make things interesting if the person lost we got to draw on their faces.


So we knew who won certain games.

We know how many times our teachers lost!


Let’s have a great new year everyone.