Hey, fellow adventurers it was time to put our ideas into our photos.



We started with some brave souls riding turtles through the vast expanse of their imaginations, taking inspiration from the legendary Urashimataro.



The students expertly balance on kendamas,





and Plastic cups and Potatoheads became prisons for some of our students.



Apples became portable realms for adventurous minds, and some students take a quirky turn, embracing the fantastical idea of munching on friends.




Lego mansions, becoming havens for miniature worlds.


The students weren’t just creating pictures; they were weaving tales and pushing the boundaries of their imagination.


The ordinary becomes extraordinary, and the mundane transforms into magic – all thanks to the playful spirit of force perspective.


The force perspective left an indelible mark on these young minds, reminding us all that sometimes, a shift in perspective is all it takes to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.




May the forced perspective be with you and run away from the TREX!!