Unleashing the Creative Lens: A Dive into Forced Perspectives!

In today’s artistic odyssey, our students ventured into the captivating realm of forced perspectives.


First I had to show the students what might be an example of forced perspective versus reality.


Armed with imagination and a dash of optical illusion, they set out to draw scenes that challenge the very fabric of perception. Picture this: Legos stood tall alongside dinosaurs, see-through cups played peek-a-boo with turtles, princesses ruled miniature kingdoms, and balls danced through the scenes.




The classroom will turn into a stage where tiny objects took on larger-than-life roles, creating a visual symphony of creativity. As we eagerly anticipate next week’s photo session, the air is buzzing with excitement.


Stay tuned for a gallery of whimsical wonders, where the ordinary becomes extraordinary through the lens of forced perspectives! 🎨📷