“¡Feliz cumpleaños!” or Happy Birthday in Spanish November babies! To celebrate we got to puncture the piñatas we made last week.

Piñatas are quite common and appropriated in the US, and done at many birthday parties.


To do this we filled the piñatas with candy, hung it and wore blindfolds. Usually we get spun around a bit and a handler moves the pinatas while we hit it as hard as we can.

This can be very dangerous, so please make sure to have the rest of the party clear and away from the location.

Eventually the pinata pops and the goodies and prizes pop out, where the kids can rush and claim their share.

It gets really exciting watching the piñatas break.


We also had time to play some other party games. It was a great way to celebrate our amigos birthday.

Happy Birthday November friends.

Adios Access Amigos.