This Friday was a first pumpkin carving event, and it was a smashing gourd time!

First off we would like to thank all of our friends and families who attended and participated, without you this pumpkin carving event would be soulless.

To start the event we told the story of the jack-o-lantern. It is one almost like the Christmas tree is to Christmas, Jack-o-lanterns are a symbol of Halloween. In the good ole days a pumpkin was carved as a sign of harvest times and to ward off scary spirts that might disrupt the harvest. Now they are an icon for a family and home that they celebrate Halloween, and this house participates in treats, rather than tricks!

Next we got to carving. Some of us drew our faces to imagine the pumpkin process.


Next we got to cleaning the slimy, slipper, seeds and strings in our pumpkins. Some kids loved this others didn’t. It’s really an attack on the senses.


Then we started carving with the help of our parents. We have some very creative and adept parents. These pumpkins really came to life.

Sometimes an asymmetrical look just works.

We even some x’s for o’s.

A cute face is also a great way to carve a jack-o-lantern.
Some final tips for carving a pumpkin,

1. Bigger is not always better.

2. Sharp shapes are easier to cut, then round shapes.
3. Cut under or behind the pumpkin to clean the inside. Stems are important to keep attached.

4. Candles light up much nicer, but are more dangerous.


Happy haunting everyone, this pumpkin event was carved to perfection. Let the gourd times roll!




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