🌸Happy Good Friday Everyone!! 🌸

🌸Yesterday, was the first day of school! 🏫🎒🚸 Most of the kids were so excited to be moving up into their new classrooms!🌸

Also, they had a chance to meet of their teachers, and some new students! 🌸

🌸With a lot of wonderful new changes, they had a chance to share it with so many familiar faces! Although, since it was the first day, they all officially introduced themselves, and asked many questions about what they like, and enjoy doing. 🌸 It was super cute! 🌸

🌸Afterwards, the K1/K2 bunnies divided into their future phonics groups (starting on April 19th), to spend some time playing with their phonics teachers! 🌸

🌸Soon after, all the little bunnies 🐰 enjoyed a long park day by hopping around, and chasing each other, soaking up the sun, and picked some dandelions! 🌸

🌸They had so much fun! 🌸

🌸What a wonderful start to the first day of school! 🌸

🌸Until next time!🌸

🍓🍓🍓Stephanie 🍓🍓🍓