Can you believe Access students made ‘Pop up’ Art! They also used 3D glasses 🤓 to be able to see it! 😎

First, the Access students learned about things that are flat, and things that are 3D!

After that, the students learned how to make their own 3D pictures by using special markers on 2D paper. 🖊

First, they started off with some simple shapes 🔺to learn how to make them pop. 🎉

Once the students understood how to make it, they made more complicated/difficult shapes. 🐱

The Access students really got a hang of it! 🎉

Soon after, they drew pictures!
They really came out good! 🎉

Finally, they looked at the pictures with their 3D glasses! 😎

They came out amazing! 🎉
Well done Access student! 🥳