🍁On Monday, the Access students learned about the cornucopia!🍁
🍁With the fall season, the cornucopia is a perfect example of a decoration used to display the abundance of a harvest!🍁

Let check out how they made them! 🍁

The students first colored or drew pictures of fruit 🍎 and vegetables 🌽 that are normally harvested. 🍁

Then, they cut the pictures out. 🍁

Then, the students made the horn! 🍁

Afterwards, they added scrap paper, and string. 🍁

Soon after, they glued their fruits 🍎 and vegetables 🌽 to the horn. 🍁

Finish! They did an amazing job with their cornucopia! 🍁

Well done Access students! 🍁🍁🍁