❤️Happy Monday Everyone! ❤️

Can you believe Valentine’s Day is around the corner!? The Access students know it too, and they are looking forward to it! 🍫
As for Art, the Access students made Heart ❤️ Art 🎨!

First, the teachers explained how the heart should be drawn, before adding a grid

After, they drew their heart with a black marker, they added the grid. First, up and down, or “vertical”, then side to side, or “horizontal”.

After, they completed it, the students picked one color marker to add color “    diagonally”

They repeated the directional words while they were coloring it in
Once the first color was done inside the heart 💜 , they added a second color in the same direction

The students continued this on the outside of the heart ♥ ️ with two other different colors, in the same direction

It was a bit challenging at first, but the hearts turned out great! 💕

💕❤️♥️💜Well done Access students! ❤️♥️💜💕