This month Jupiter 3 classes have been studying water and its importance, especially the importance of clean safe water!

So our main activity this month was to take a trip to a local park to gather dirty pond water and see if a natural water filter would clean out all of the mud, sticks, trash and other items that we unsafe to drink.

After gathering pond water, we also gathered sand, pebbles and stone to use for our filter.

Then we brought all the materials and samples back to school to get started on creating and utilizing our natural pond water filter !!

By adding sand onto of tissue, then small rocks, pebble and finally larger rocks, we created a filter that mimics the same process you’d find in natural spring water.

We tried one pass through the filter and got all of the large debris and most of the mud out of the pond water, but it still wasn’t as clean as we hoped. So we also put it through a secondary filter made only of tissue paper.

It worked perfectly!