🌷🌷Happy Last Day of May!! 🌷🌷

Can you believe how quickly it passed by!? 😱
Anyways, for today’s Access class. the students finished off their sock puppets, and put on a puppet show to display their puppets!🦄

Although, a lot went into the final production. ✨

First, they finished their puppets, and adding the last few touches. 🎀

Then, the students gave their puppets a name! 🐶

After naming them, they had to think of the puppets’ personality, and what the puppets might enjoy doing. For example, their puppets might like to laugh, or dance. ✨

Then, the students put on a puppet show to showcase the puppets’ personality! 🦄

The older students even added a small skit to the performance. ✨

It was very good, and entertaining! ✨

Well done Access students! ✨

Until next time!