Hello! I hope everyone is having a nice week.


Today like every Tuesday we learned something from a city in the world, today it was Istambul’s turn! Turkey’s capital.


What makes this city so special? It’s the only city in the world that is located in not one, but two continents! Asia and Europe. Because of this, they have a very diverse population and practice different religions. That’s why their flag is also the way it is. The red flag has a white star and a moon in the middle; the start symbolizes the people, the moon the religions. 🇹🇷


We also learned about their food, the kids had no clue that kebab came from Turkey!

Lastly, we played a game that every child in the country knows. It’s called “Ebe”(It). In this game one person is blindfolded (The Ebe), and they need to touch the other players, once they touch someone that person becomes “The Ebe”.
Even the teacher got caught and had no option but to become The Ebe!
We all had so much fun! And I’m sure more fun is awaiting for us on next Tuesday.
That was everything for today, thank you for reading.