It’s almost Valentine’s Day, which means it is time to get your cards and candy ready.

Our theme for today’s event was “Be my Valentine.”

Students first took pictures to put on their Valentine’s cards.



Most students took cute pictures.



Some went the cool route. All the pictures, however, came out amazing.

After taking photos, it was time to make a delicious Valentine’s treat.



“Who likes chocolate ice cream?” “I do!” “Who likes vanilla?” “I do!”



The first ingredient in our parfait was ice cream.

Students stuffed it deep into the cups so they could fit as much as possible.



Then it was time to add some whipped cream and chocolate.



A parfait also needs colorful sprinkles.



With a cherry on top, our homemade parfaits were complete.



“How is it?” “So yummy.”



In no time at all, the parfait glasses were empty.



Students also enjoyed some Valentine’s games.

This one was called “Kiss the frog”. Friends gave each other hints to help them find their mark.

“Right, right. Up more, up!”


The fun went by so quickly and soon our party was over.



“Will you be my Valentine?”