Tomorrow is the Fourth of July, also known as America’s birthday! To get ready for the celebration, the students made garlands today.
First, the teachers handed out strips of paper to cut lengthwise. Everyone got a red strip, a white strip, and a blue strip. One for each of the colors in the American flag.

Once the strips were cut, the students folded them into accordions.

It took a lot of focus, but they all did a great job.


Once the paper was folded, the teachers showed the students how to open them into the clamshell shape for our garlands.

This was the hardest part. It took a lot of attention to get it right.

When the students had finished with the clamshells, we stapled them to a string and made the red, white, and blue stars to hang in between.

And when all the garlands were put together, we all said, “Happy Birthday, America!”

Kat Randle