Hello everyone!


Do you know what day is it today? July 4th is the anniversary for when the USA gained its independence. So it’s a very important holiday for the country, and we have celebrated it in English Pocket too.


I’m sure everyone knows about New York City, also called ‘The Big Apple’ but, do you know why is it called this way? Our kids learned about it and other facts about the city, like the fact that it’s multicultural! Just in New York you can find little towns for 25 countries in the world. In Japan we can also find some; like Yokohama Chinatown or Korean Town in Okubo.


It wouldn’t be a celebration if we only studied, that’s why after learning about New York City, we played a game.



Simple but fun! The kids made two teams and they competed against each other tossing the wiggly rings.


That was everything for today’s class, hope ever had fun today too!