Hi everyone, let’s take a look at what we did in Access today.

Since this month we’re talking about numbers, today’s main topic will be about percentages.

What’s a percentage? A percentage is a number that tells us how much out of 100. We discussed

“if the world were a village of 100 people” and did different activities about it. I asked the kids, “What do you think these numbers are for: 8,100,000,000?”

Their answers were funny – chocolates? Candies? Animals? Chocolate Banana?

When I told them it’s the world population, they were shocked and said, “That’s a lot!” “We want to see everyone”

After that, We played a game and pretended our class is 100% of the population: 10 people

3 boys, 7 girls;

6 like chocolates, while 4 like candies;

1 speaks English at home, and 9 speaks Japanese.

Everyone had the chance to make 2 choices, and they all had fun discovering which one they like or which category they belong to. It was a fun day for everyone.

Thank you,