Happy Thursday everyone! Today in ACCESS, we continued our study of global warming and climate change. Now that we know what they are and why they’re happening, it’s time to see what the effects are on the animals of the world. Today we looked at polar bears.

Students discussed what they knew about polar bears, including where they live, what they eat, and and how big they are. Then we learned more facts about polar bears in preparation for our poster next week!

Did you know that a polar bear can smell a seal from up to 20 miles away?! Wow!

Next, we watched a video showing what happened to a polar bear when the ice she lived on melted too early in the year. She was thin, and weak, and cold because she had to travel so far to find food.

One thing we can do to help the polar bears is learn about them, and how global warming is affecting their lives. So next week, we will make our own poster to teach others what they need to know to help save the polar bears.

The students wrote some of the most interesting facts we learned today in their own words for our poster.

Then we wrote a few facts about what is happening to the polar bears.
Next week, we will make our own poster and show people how important it is to protect our planet from global warming.
Great job, everyone!