Mom & Tots had a super fun and exciting day filled with lots of learning and engaging activities!

We began by singing our favorite songs and dancing along, which brought smiles to our faces and laughter to the room.

Then, we played color games, where the teacher would call out a color, and we would quickly touch that color. It was like a playful race, and we had a blast trying to be the fastest!

Next, we went on an imaginary adventure, where we became brave zookeepers feeding a hungry lion. It was so much fun using our imagination and creativity!

In our Phonics session, we discovered the magical letter “O.” We learned all about its sound and how it makes different words come to life.

To make it even more exciting, we got to create our very own octopus craft, complete with colorful tentacles and googly eyes!

Throughout the lesson, the children’s curiosity and enthusiasm were palpable.

The interactive and collaborative nature of the activities made the learning experience even more rewarding for everyone involved.

-Teacher Marilyn