One of the most rewarding and fun activities for young students is to learn about tools and DIY projects. 
Not only do they get to use their creativ!Qity and imagination, but they also develop their fine motor skills, 
problem-solving abilities, and confidence.



After sanding down their blocks, the students drew designs for their blocks using pencils and paper. 
They were encouraged to think of what they wanted to make with their blocks, and how they could use the different shapes and sizes to create something unique and interesting. 
Some of the ideas they came up with were dolls, switches, erasers, cars, houses, and animals.


Today, the students used pens and markers to paint on their designs. 
They had a lot of fun choosing the colors and patterns for their blocks, and they showed great attention to detail and artistic expression. 
They also learned how to use different types of pens and markers, and how to apply them carefully and neatly.




The final result was amazing! The students were very proud of their creations, and shared them with their classmates.
They also shared their stories and explanations of what they made, and how they used the tools and materials. 
They were very excited to see what their classmates had made, and they gave each other compliments and feedback.




This DIY project was a wonderful learning experience for the students.
I think they learned a lot about tools and DIY projects, and they had a lot of fun along the way.

Now they can do it themselves at home.