In a world of creativity, students gathered to craft foil dinosaur eggs. They began by decorating small foil sheets with vibrant colors and whimsical patterns, transforming them into masterpieces.

With foil in hand, they wrapped it around shiny marbles, creating the perfect egg shape. The anticipation grew as they imagined the surprise waiting inside these shiny creations.


The craft took a playful turn as students placed their foil-wrapped marbles into cups, shaking them in a circular motion. Magically, the foil molded into hollow eggs, each one cradling a marble securely inside.

The highlight was discovering how these special dinosaur eggs rolled in a delightfully funny way. With giggles and joy, the children rolled them down ramps, creating laughter-filled moments as the eggs wobbled and tumbled.


That was eggciting.

Jaken and eggs.