When is the celebration of t anabata? Is it July 7?

That is true for most of Japan.

However, Sendai celebrates its opening in August.

We’re going to create some decorations that will welcome the season.

Sendai tanabata is known for its colorful windsocks.

We’re going to spend the next two weeks making our own.

First, students decorated their washi paper sheets.

Students were told they could do any patterns or colors they wanted.

The only rule was that they couldn’t draw characters or objects.

We worked on the floor so that all students would have the most space to awaken their creative genius.

Students enjoyed comparing their designs with the ones their friends were making.

Little by little the designs came together.

This week, we finished up by putting decorations on the piece that will be the rim of our windsock.

Find out next week how the windsocks came out.