Merry Christmas everyone!


Today was the last day of ACCESS so we decided to get into the Christmas spirit and have a Christmas party.


We played three fun games.


First, we played Santa says.

Just like Simon Says, you have to do what the leader tells you but ONLY if they say “Santa Says…”


Let’s try.


“Santa Says touch your nose.”

Good job.

Let’s try something a little bit harder.


“Santa says shake your whole body.”

That’s the spirit!

Everyone had a lot of fun moving their bodies to the fullest.


Our second game was the Left Right game.


First, one student was given the passing object.

We chose a firetruck, because it was red like Santa Clause.


As the teacher read a Christmas story about busy elves, students needed to pass the object to the LEFT or RIGHT each time they heard the word.


“…the RIGHT way to solve this problem.”

Yes, just like that!


We continued our game and the students were soon passing the firetruck as soon as they heard the word.

Our final Christmas game was a themed version of “Guess who or what”.


First, the teacher demonstrated how it would work.

“Am I noisy?” “Do you ring me?” “Am I a bell?”


Then it was time to play the game.

“Am I green?” No.

“Am I red?” Yes.

“Do you put presents in me?” No.

“Do I give presents?” Yes.

“Am I Santa Claus?”


Yes! You are Santa Claus.


Our Christmas party was a lot of fun.


I hope everyone has a very, Merry Christmas and a very wonderful New Year!


See you next year!