Today we learned about blind people and what it’s like to manoeuvre the world when you cannot see.

We learned that blind people can use a cane or a seeing eye dog to traverse everyday life.



In class we made an obstacle course and, whilst blindfolded, we had to use our cane (an umbrella) to safely make our way through the course.



Next we needed to experience what it’s like to rely on a seeing eye dog. We took turns where one person was blind folded and another person had to lead them safely through the course. It was scary relying on someone else to guide you. Seeing eye dogs have earned our respect!



Then we discussed if we thought blind people could read things like we can. We found out that blind people use “braille” to read things in everyday life, such as books or even elevator buttons.



We learned how to write our names in braille. It was a bit confusing at first, but we quickly got the hang of it.



Learning new ways to write our name is always fun, and getting to touch all the different items was very exciting.


We learned a lot about blind people today and how they explore the world in a different way from people who can see.