Today we spent our time analyzing eyes of various animals, as well as our peers.

This was a rather difficult task.



First, we looked at the eyes of different animals, and worked together to see if we could guess what animals the eyes belonged to.

We were very surprised by some of the animals! It was not easy to guess based only on the eyes.



Next, we guessed who our classmates were in these photos, but because we couldn’t see their eyes it was rather tricky.



After trying to guess who our classmates were without their eyes, we next tried to do the opposite. We only could see our classmates eyes, but not their face. This was much easier, and helped us understand how important eyes are in recognizing faces.



Finally, we made sunglasses to cover our eyes. This was a fun activity and we enjoyed experimenting with different sizes and styles to compare the effectiveness of hiding our identities.


Cadely Paton