Today, during their Science lesson on “Eyes,” ACCESS and Pre-ACESSS continued their exploration of the role of eyes in recognising people. We began by reviewing vocabulary related to the lesson, including key phrases such as “I use my eyes to see,” “I can see what’s in front of me,” and “I can see a wide range of colors.”

To make the session engaging, we played an enjoyable game where the students had to identify various animals solely by observing their eyes. Remarkably, the students were able to successfully guess the animals by solely examining their eyes.

Moreover, the students had an intriguing challenge of recognising their friends whose eyes were covered. This activity tested their ability to recognise individuals based on other identifying features.

Additionally, we delved into the realm of pop culture and attempted to recognize famous people and characters solely by their eyes. The students exhibited impressive skills in identifying each character.


As we concluded the lesson, we discussed strategies for concealing our eyes when we do not wish to be recognised. We even had a fun activity where we crafted sunglasses to mask our identities. It was an enjoyable day as we delved into the mysteries of eyes and explored their significance in recognising others.
-Teacher Marilyn