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“The Fantastic Nine”

My name is Shohei and I like baseball so much. I would like to present millions of balls for children.

One day when I was a child, I tried to gather the members to organize my baseball team, but nobody said “Yes”. So, I went home crying, “ what on the earth is wrong with me?” I said. While that I realized I had my eight dogs which is fast. I told my dad about it and he taught us baseball.

Ten years passed and I became an adult. I created my dog baseball team. These dogs are very fast, the biggest one George is than the six lift ones. When they are together they can do anything. 

Then we went to the stadium and played a match with a rival team. The dogs and I put our heart together and as a result we won with the score 3-2. W went to another country to play baseball and practice more and more!

The last word I would like to keep saying to children, “ let’s throw away admiration for them and just think about winning.” 

This is the Shohei Ohitani’s famous saying which makes your dream come true. He mentioned the word at a stadium after winning WBC 2023. He hopes that many children try everything without fear and hesitation.