Today, the Grade 4-6 students worked on a new creative writing story.

They started with the following picture prompt:

Then it was brainstorming time!

Some of the ideas that were discussed included: a gigantic bee terrorising Tokyo, a futuristic science fiction story where all people are part insect, a mask that transforms people into a bee, and a day in the life of a worker bee.

Next, the students thought a little about the mechanics of their story in terms of the plot, characters, and setting.

For a bit of fun, we entered one of the suggestions into ChatGPT. We thought the story about a mask would be fun, so we typed the information and then read the story together which showed the students some excellent ideas of how to set the story up and also how to make it flow.

Then, the students got to work planning their own stories.

The first drafts were still in progress when the lesson came to a close, so we will have to wait until next week to see how their stories shape up!

– Tim