This Monday, the Access students had a chance to do Foot Print Art at the Park! 🎨 Soon after, they did water play! ⛲️


First, the activity was laid out,  and set up.

Next, the students each had a chance to used their foot to print on a large piece of paper.

While the Access students printed with their foot  , the PreAccess students used their fingers to make the other part of the picture they were forming.

With each foot print, they formed a picture.

With each finger print from the PreAccess student  , it was wrapping up to become something complete.

Can you guess what it is? 🤔

Find out next week! ⭐️

Then, after all they painted, all the kids did water play! 🔫 💦

Finally, after all the water play, they got thirsty, and drank lots of water themselves. Lol 😂  ⭐️

Well done Access student!

Stay hydrated! ❤️