☀️ Happy Summer Everyone! ☀️

For Art this week, the Access students made Marble Rock Paint Art! 🪨🎨

First, they all received a smooth rock. 🪨 Once they got it, they painted their rock with a white base color before marbling it. 🐮

Second, after it was painted, they waited until it dried to then choose three to four colors they wanted on their rock. 🎨🪨
After, they picked their colors, they added the paint to clear plastic wrap.

Third, once we’re placed the paint on the clear plastic, and swirled the paint a bit, the students placed the base painted side of the rock on the colorful swirled paint.🎨

They came out amazing! ⭐️

Also, PreAccess painted their rock 🪨 and decorated it with a cute face to make a pet rock! 🐈🪨

Well done Access students!