Today we learned about dominant eyes. We learned that we all have either a dominant left eye, or a dominant right eye. We spent the afternoon exploring the role this plays in our vision.



But first we had to figure out which eye is our dominant eye. We did this by focusing on an object far away and alternating which eye was open. Using this technique, we were able to differentiate which eye is more dominant.



This was trickier for some, as some did not notice a change when looking at the object. Eventually we were all able to figure out which eye was the most dominant.



After discovering which eye is the most dominant, we then had to go through an adventure course whilst covering our dominant eye. This was fun and we learned how hard it is to focus with only our less dominant eye.



We all had so much fun trying to navigate through the course. It was a fun day spent outside, whilst also learning about the role each of our eyes play in our vision.


Cadely P.