Today, the Grade 2 students finished their book which was all about ants!

They had great fun learning about all the different kinds of ants from around the world, and they were really surprised about how similar ants can be to humans.

They discovered that ants can make nests in a variety of ways, but ultimately, it’s their effort to work together as a team that enables to achieve things beyond their tiny size.

The students really enjoyed searching for information in the text and showed great enthusiasm to discover how ants do other tasks similar to humans. For example, did you know ants also like to ‘milk’ other insects for their juices. The students found it very amusing that ants will care for other insects in order to get some benefit for themselves.

After they finished reading and finding answers to the comprension questions, they enjoyed a quick break before moving onto their next lesson in social studies…but thats another story.

– Tim